Bel Auburn – Cathedrals

Bel AuburnCathedrals (Damselfly)

Emo’s not dead! At least that’s what Bel Auburn would like us to believe. At first spin Cathedrals is textbook emo all the way, bringing to mind Sunny Day Real Estate, Fire Theft, Dashboard Confessional and Jimmy Eat World. What differentiates this album are its religious-themed lyrics adding up to a concept album devoted to glorifying houses of worship.

It even comes with a textbook of sorts – “Ten songs and ten vignettes written and performed by Bel Auburn” – sprawling across 24 pages. It’s an impressive concept from theme to packaging, and it’s exactly the sort of thing to fuel the dreams of good little Catholic girls and get their white cotton panties all in a wet bunch. Unfortunately, if you’re not a blissed out teenybopper who’s into emo, this album won’t do much for you.

Remember kids, keep music evil. Hail Satan!

Downloads available at their MySpace site.

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