Benchley: Adjusting the Levels

The Letters of Gary Benchley, Rock Star: Adjusting the Levels. Our hero heads into the studio and tries to find his voice.

Update: Rock Star Gary Benchley’s True Identity Revealed!

5 thoughts on “Benchley: Adjusting the Levels”

  1. Man is this getting silly. I never believed it was real to begin with but it was a very entertaining read. The unbelievability factor just intensified with this last report. There should have been at least ten posts worth of dead ends before they got to the big studio with the bigtime producer. Ya lost me Gary!

  2. It’s got to be fake. I tried to google ‘Original Syn’ and ‘Schizopolis’ and got nothing.

  3. I’ve scoured the net for any tangible evidence that Gary Benchley does, in fact, exist. His girlfriend’s Blog does not exist. His old bands (The Gobbler’s Knob, The Chimps, and The Board of Education) turned up nothing on Google. Jacob’s magazine MATCHSTICK doesn’t seem to exist (but I could be wrong about that one). And come on, who would make a movie where war veteran Christopher Walken thinks he’s a bug and builds himself a giant peice of fruit to live in?

    I’d like to think that these letters are real and that Gary is simply respecting the privacy of his friends by changing some names around. But in all actuality, it seems to me that this is most likely a well thought out and expertly written work of fiction.

  4. Sorry guys. Gary’s real. Of course he’s changed some names around, but I know he’s real because he hangs out at Chez Situation all the time.

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