Bright Eyes on Leno

Bright Eyes – When the President Talks to God, live video from the Tonight Show, May 2, 2005. Pretty controversial song for Leno! Update: high-quality link.

Via Lance Waxer.

Sample lyrics:

When the president talks to God
Are the conversations brief or long?
Does he ask to rape our women’s’ rights
And send poor farm kids off to die?
Does God suggest an oil hike
When the president talks to God?

Update: you can get this song for free on iTunes.

17 thoughts on “Bright Eyes on Leno”

  1. Absolutely fantastic to see a young man and his guitar take a stand against the Bush administration on national tv. Even those who are not huge fans of Conor have to admit that he fills the void left by corporate acts who are either too ignorant or afraid to take a stand against this embarrasing excuse of a president and a man. Confronting and questioning this administration is not un-American, it’s 100% patriotic and democratic.

  2. I think that it was simply amazing to see conor up there saying what he wanted to say and not worry about what a label would think or if he will get dropped for being outspoken or anything. i just think it is really cool to see someoen take a stand like that on network tv.

  3. I’m not a Bright Eyes fan, but this was pretty cool. I think that took some serious balls to perform that on the Tonight Show.

  4. I basically agree with the sentiments of the song, but it’s about as subtle as a brick and only half as clever. It’s maybe the worst protest song written since, well,… ever. And he sounds like a petulant baby ass when he sings this one. Ass as in donkey.

  5. “see conor up there saying what he wanted to say and not worry about what a label would think or if he will get dropped for being outspoken or anything.”

    For people who don’t know conor is on the label Saddle Creek which he co-founded. That’s the beuaty of independent music…it’s about the music.

  6. Conor is a beautiful boy, inside and out. It takes guts just to get onstage, but to do that, to anyone else, would feel like career suicide. To him, it’s just another day.

  7. in response to M in athens-

    These conservative pricks don’t respond to subtle. A brick in the face is what’s needed! Took balls to do what he did, kudos!

  8. Kudos Connor. The whole world was watching and he nailed it. Very Dylan. Epic Moment. Hit me like a TON of bricks.

    what did connor wisper at the end? im confused

    phil mish mish

    phil mish mish??

  9. people saying things like “very dylan” about bright eyes makes me want to gouge conor oberst’s eyes out with a fork. the guy writes/sings a decent song, but he’s not even in dylan’s neighborhood.

  10. Conservative pricks? Why does it always seem that Liberals are the only people who can’t seem to control their emotions long enough to discuss an issue? It is simply amazing to me. Good night all and God Bless America

  11. According to some [url=]Googling[/url], fil mish mish = in your dreams. It translates literally to “apricot season” but is used colloquially to mean “when pigs fly” or “I doubt it” or “laughably impossible.”

  12. Conservatives only seem able to talk to their like minded, deluded fellow hypocrites. When an issue raises challenges to their cherished beliefs it is easier for them to condemn the opposition as left wing, unpatriotic, etc. Meaningful conversation with yourself is a symptom of insanity.

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