Buddyhead on CSNY

Buddyhead/Icarus Line/Nine Inch Nails member Aaron North teaches the kids why they should know and love Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young: “The secret weapon of CSNY were the two dudes who weren’t cool enough or something to get their own letters in the band name, the rhythm section, Dallas Taylor and Greg Reeves.”

4 thoughts on “Buddyhead on CSNY”

  1. Yes, Dallas Taylor was awesome when he was playing, but Stephen Stills played A LOT of the bass on their early stuff. Still, it’s good to see someone recognize Dallas Taylor.

  2. Doh! I’m wrong! He was the drummer. Forget anything I’ve ever said! Also, that website isn’t mine. I didn’t know it actually existed. Word.

  3. I’ve heard Stills overdubbed most of the instruments on the first album, Crosby, Stills and Nash. But when they added Young, Neil got them to go for more of a live band feel.

  4. Greg Reeves and I were good friends till 1995 then lost touch. Does anyone know how I can find him?

    Thank you.

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