Buddyhead’s Best and Worst Records of 2004

Buddyhead’s Best and Worst Records of 2004

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  1. Elliot Smith

    From A Basement On The Hill

    No metaphors here. Life is fucked, and so are you. And it only gets worse the older you get, so buckle up kiddies. The most important singer-songwriter of our generation’s post-mortem masterpiece. Who knew the sound of everything falling apart could be so beautiful?

  2. I’m seconding Buddyhead’s reviews, I’ll also note Lanegan (you already knew that) and Iron and Wine.

    Additionally, I would like to add that I NEVER liked that Magnetic Fields cd.

  3. eh…yeah its funny to pissy.

    im just bummed that theonion hasnt done a least essential records of the year list.that and flogging molly is still good, probabably better than much of the best of list

  4. talking shit about disco punk? if it werent for the rapture and their brethren (faint), how could white boyz such as myself dance? answer: we couldnt

  5. that shit was funny. what’s up with that farting video clip? jeezus. anyway, they make some good points, as well as some bad ones. goes without saying i guess. i think the only cd from their “Worst” list that I liked was Broken Spindles.

  6. I don’t know, it seems like they were playing it a little safer this year. I mean, who honestly gives a shit about Juliette Lewis or Ashlee Simpson? They’re just preaching to the choir on those.

    But Gene Simmons? That was hilarious. I can’t believe they were able to sit through it long enough to write a review.

  7. Just about all those targets on “worst of” are deserving, but I’ve heard that Westerburg CD and it’s one of the worst CD’s of last year, and his worst ever. Maybe they are mellowing out if they can;t take the piss out on that one.

  8. i’m totally biased here, but the libertines second album, while not great, is a decent album with a few gems on it. the accusation that they’re a strokes wanna-be band is completely unfounded.

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