Creed gets Punked

Scott Stapp of Creed Gets Punk’d. More. With Photos. This is so hilarious, it’s almost sad. Via Stereogum.

2 thoughts on “Creed gets Punked”

  1. Covered on VH1’s [url=]Best Week Ever blog[/url]. [url=]More photos[/url].

  2. hey pinmeup, this is in response to your blog about how you and your friends ‘punked’ Stapp

    A has been rock star with a drug problem, wow, earthshattering news. I hope you are enjoying this, because baby, this is it, this is your 15 minutes of fame. It will never get any better than this for you. 10 years from now, if anyone remembers you at all, it will be that you were the idiot whose socail life was so full that the best they could do for entertainment was to punk some ‘has been’ and spend hours setting up a blog about it afterward. That and the fact that you are a self confessed thief. From here, the best you can hope for is a crummy middle management job and a lifetime trying to pay off your credit card bills. 10 years from now, Stapp will still be a pathetic has been. But he will still have millions in the bank, a hugely successful career behind him that allowed him to travel all the places in the world you will never see, his face on all the magazines you paid to see him in. Who’s more pathetic? A has been rocker trying to get some action, or a bunch of morons whose best idea of entertainment is hanging out at Denny’s. Bunch of losers.

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