Davis, Devin – Iron Woman

“Iron Woman” by Devin Davis off Lonely People of the World, Unite! More Devin Davis mp3s.

5 thoughts on “Davis, Devin – Iron Woman”

  1. Not kidding, but the album this track is off of is one of the best pop rock albums I’ve heard in the past couple of years. Positive comparisons to the Who, Weezer, Big Star, Bowie… it’s incredibly well-crafted pop, with the most Keith Moon-esque drumming I’ve heard in a long time. Super high energy, sing-along goodness. I’m a big fan, I really recommend it.

    Oh, and I’ve met Devin before, and he’s not only incredibly talented (he plays almost all the instruments on the album), but he’s really nice. So there’s that.

  2. Weird, I’d never heard of Devin before, and I just downloaded this from another source today. Are you stalking me, Jake?

  3. No, he opened up for [url=http://www.quasarwutwut.com/]the Quasars[/url] at their cd release party back in November. Good stuff. I think you’re stalking us.

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