Eluvium – Talk Amongst The Trees

EluviumTalk Amongst The Trees (Temporary Residence)

I’ve never been much of one for ambient music. To me it’s falls into three categoiries, – film scores, mood music for pretentious art installations, and Brian Eno. But credible sources pointed me in the direction of the latest Elivium album, Talk Amongst The Trees. Once I picked up the cd and saw the sticker adhered to the packaging (“An epic record that makes the jaw drop” – Punk Planet, “Sad, freezing, alluring, playful, heart wrenchingly beautiful and not a little frightening all at once” – Malestrom, “Elivium knows more than one way to move you to tears.” – Portland Mercury), I was won over with curiosity, plus it’s on Temporary Residence (Anomoanon, Cex, and 90 Day Men). Could it really live up to those quotes? It did, and then some.

After a few listens I was pulled in by the grandeur accomplished within the compositions and the effect it had on me in total: new age music for the indie rock set. I found it’s not for everyone after I threw it into the car stereo for my shared commute to work. My coworker’s reaction was priceless – “Oh my god this music makes me want to kill myself. Is there anything more depressing?” An overreaction? Sure. Granted the music is moody and dark, but at the same time it evokes possibilities and allows one’s thoughts to wander.

The music on Talk Amongst The Trees is reason alone to look into this album, but what I found truly impressive was accompanying booklet – filled with the poems and interesting photography that compliment the music, with similarly ethereal and thought provoking effects. In a way, it could be your very own portable pretentious art installation. So, I suppose it still can fall into one of three categories categories of ambient music that I’m comfortable with. Only this time, I’m a little less pessimistic and cynical about it all.

Download “New Animals from the Air (edit)”.

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  1. Funny you mention the “portable art installation” thing — the one time I’ve seen him (Elluvium’s basically one guy) he had a whole projector setup and a film that played the whole time he was on stage. There was some kind of narrative aspect to the combo, but I didn’t really grok it.

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