Frank Black interview: New Pixies Album

MTV interviews Black Francis: “We haven’t really been able to think about [the new album] up until now, because we’ve been too busy collecting money from all these festivals we do. It takes a lot of counting to get through all that cash.”

3 thoughts on “Frank Black interview: New Pixies Album”

  1. That’s definitely the quote of the day. I love how the Pixies and Dinosaur Jr. are completely open and up front that they’re in it for the money. Good for them; that beats the shit out of selling your song to a pharmaceutical company trying to sell allergy medicine.

  2. Better no new Pixies album because you have to!! Then a bad Pixies album !!Don,t do that please , Your solo on your best Frank !!! greetings one of your biggest fan from Rotterdam the Netherlands. Dimitry Suverein

  3. Beter geen nieuw Pixies album Omdat je aan! Dan een slechte Pixies album! Don, niet doen aub, Uw solo op je beste Frank! Groeten een van je grootste fan uit Rotterdam Nederland. Dimitry Suverein

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