Glorious Noise is Four Years Old

You say it's your birthday?It’s true. February 6, 2005 marked the fourth anniversary of the launch of Glorious Noise. That’s pretty old for a website, so be kind to us, and help us across the street if you see us at an intersection.

It’s been an exciting year. Our greatest accomplishment was the launch of Glorious Noise Records, a dream that we’ve been thinking about for years. Even though the band did all the work, we’re still really proud of our debut release, Taro Sound by Quasar Wut-Wut, and we’re happy to see it’s been getting great reviews. Stay tuned for the release of At the End of the American Century by Riviera, which is due on April 5. Mp3s are available, of course.

There’s also been a bit of controversy in GLONO-land this past year with the incorporation of real ads. We get annoyed by them too, sometimes, but we’ve got bills to pay and records to release. If you’re ever offended by anything, we want to hear about it. So let us know.

The other comically controversial issue has been our ongoing coverage of “The O.C.” Each week, we get another round of people telling us they’re never coming back because of those articles. We’re sorry to see you go but damn, motherfuckers: lighten up. It’s just a fun TV show. With a surprisingly good soundtrack, too.

Well anyway, thanks everybody for sticking with us over the years. We really appreciate your support. It’s been a fun four years and we’re hoping to have many more birthdays. We’re not really having a regular birthday party this year becuase we’ve got to save our energy for Riviera’s cd release show on April 2 at Schubas. If you want to wish us a happy birthday sooner than that, you’ll find most of us at Subterranean this Saturday (February 12) for the Quasar Wut-Wut show.

See you soon!

Previous birthdays on Glorious Noise: our first, our second, and our third.

17 thoughts on “Glorious Noise is Four Years Old”

  1. Happy birthday, guys at GloNo!! I’m stoked you guys are there, doing your thing, and that you are doubly kind enough to let us all contribute to it. Still truly the coolest spot on the WWWeb. Right on, and play yerselves a little Cracker “Happy Birthday To Me”. Lord knows I do, every time my birthday rolls around…

  2. Where would I be without my GloNo? No Benchley links, no OC coverage, no “dirty stick” threads, no Loftus awards show coverage, and especially no intelligent music… (ahem) ROCK AND ROLL discussion. Happy B-day kids!

  3. Happy Birthday, Messrs. President.

    Without you my intelligence would not have been insulted by random teenagers from Iowa who are on the Internerd at three in the morning, I never would have realized the absolute essentialness of checking one’s motherfucking sources (or I would have but it probably would have taken much longer), I wouldn’t have gotten NEARLY as drunk that one time (and I would still have my hat!)…oh, and I never would have met you crazy, wonderful kids, nor gotten any mixtapes or on any lists anywhere, and the internets would be a lonelier, colder place.

  4. Sure, your boobs may be just a big saggier, but hot damn if the wisdom you’ve gained hasn’t made you That much sexier. Happy Birthday, and congratulations all around!

  5. Alright, everybody now!

    Happy birthday to you,

    Happy birthday to you,

    Happy 4th birthday, dear GloNo!

    Happy birthday to you!

    You’re definitely getting better with age! :D

  6. Christ, has it been 4 years? Seems like just yesterday you were toddling around, pooping your pants and sticking crayons up your nose. Now GloNo is all grown up and ready to move in with their no-good friends in some run-down tenement!

    Congrats, boys!

  7. As a former random teenager from Iowa, let me be the first to insult nbg and wish glono a belated birthday. i’d spank you 4 times if you were closer.

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