Interview with “OC-band” Temper Temper

Temper TemperTemper Temper is one of those bands that Milwaukee writers have to restrain themselves from calling the Next Big Thing. They have been playing, touring and recording around Milwaukee and nationally for a few years now, and released their first album in March of this year. The self-titled record is so slinky and dark and dancey and sexy that it was really only a matter of time before the world took notice of it. In this case, the world came calling in the form of what some might say is the ultimate modern compliment—a featured song on The O.C. (Season 2, Episode 20: “The OC Confidential”). You may have noticed that we here at Glorious Noise are somewhat obsessed with The O.C., and all squabbles about the declining quality of the show aside, the music has always been one of the most remarkable things about it. Temper Temper is currently in the midst of an East Coast tour, and bassist Andy Menchal answered the questions I had about the selection process via email, and it turns out that if you’re in a band as poised on the brink of blowing the hell up as Temper Temper is, you learn to be blasé about this sort of thing.

GLONO: How are you doing?

Temper Temper: We are on tour right now. We are driving through Massachusetts listening to Coalesce…all is well!

GLONO: For those of the general reading audience who may not be familiar with your sound, which is FANTASTIC, by the way, how would you describe your band? Who are the members? Introduce ’em.

TT: My name is Andy. I play bass. Our singer is Patrick. James is our guitar player. T.Jay plays various keyed instruments and guitar. Keith hits stuff. As far as our sound goes, I am not very good at the description thing. We all grew up on punk and rock and roll. We all collaborate on all of the songs. We all like to be loud and have energy live. We are a rock band.

GLONO: So Temper Temper had a song (“Trust Me I’m A Wild Bitch”) featured on the episode of the OC that aired on April 21. How exactly did this come about? How did they contact you? In other words, how much do you now know about the selection process?

TT: Our publicist sent a copy of our record to the music buyer that works for the OC, she dug it and asked if they could use a song from it. We were game. That’s about all there is to it.

GLONO: Did you have any input on which song was going to be used or were they interested specifically in “Trust Me?”

TT: They asked to use “Trust Me” and we were happy to let them use it.

GLONO: How do you, Andy Menchal, feel about this, in a general sense?

TT: It was kind of strange, but fine I guess. I don’t really think it is a big deal.

GLONO: Was it a group decision to agree to have the song used? were certain band members more excited about the idea than others?

TT: Everything in this band is a group decision, so yes. Jim and T.Jay love the show. They were psyched about it being used.

GLONO: How much attention has the usage of the song garnered? (As of this writing it has been four days since the episode aired.) Have you noticed any spike in your sales? Have Big Important Music Executive Types been interested in you? How about 17-year-old girls?

TT: It got us a few phone calls. I don’t really think it is a make or break thing for us or anybody else who has had their songs on that show. It really hasn’t changed anything, nor should it.

GLONO: Did you actually see the episode? If so, what do you think about the way in which the song was used?

TT: The night it aired we were on tour and playing a basement in Cedar Rapids, IA, so we didn’t get to see it. When we got back home for a couple of days we all saw it. It was surreal.

GLONO: Are any of you fans of the show? Who are your respective favorite characters?

TT: Like I said two of us watch the show. Jim likes Marissa. I like Kimmy Gibbler.

GLONO: Pop Quiz, OC Style. a) Julie Cooper is to Marissa as Kirsten Cohen is to _____.

TT: Alex P Keaton

GLONO: b) What is the name of the character who appeared toward the end of the first season who Marissa met in rehab?

TT: Coachroach

GLONO: c) Fill in the blank: “This is how we do it in The OC, _____.”

TT: “Smack it up, Flip it, Rub it down… oh no!”

GLONO: d) Who does the theme song for the opening credits?

TT: That actor’s band.

GLONO: How much of an impact do you predict that this is going to have on the band? Where do you go from here? What are your plans?

TT: I don’t know. I hope it does not have that big of an impact. I’d rather be known for our music than being played on a TV show. Our plans are to keep touring a bunch, to keep working on a new record, to keep having fun, and to keep loving our friends. Generally just be in a band.

You can stream a few songs on Temper Temper’s MySpace page. Their debut album is out now on Revelation Records, and your can get it online at Amazon. Be sure to catch up on all of our previous Glorious Noise OC coverage.

3 thoughts on “Interview with “OC-band” Temper Temper”

  1. “an angular art-punk sound that meshes influences from T-Rex to Gary Numan, the Misfits to A Certain Ratio, the Make-Up to PiL to the Rapture – all done with a swagger and flair that would make even the most timid wallflower get up and move.” – from the temper temper myspace site.

    yeah, that’s a lot of influences to throw into the belnder. of course, after listening to a few songs from the myspace link, i don’t think they hold too close to the esthetics of their influences… and that’s a good thing. it’s nice to hear the influences all filtered through to the final sound that’s slightly less directly derivative of most of the other bands “of the moment” that are out there. kind of sounds like danzig heading up a disco punk band. it’s decent, if it’s your bag.

    as far as the effect of the song (” It really hasn’t changed anything, nor should it.”). c’mon, let’s not fool ourselves. let’s just see how things go if it gets put ont he 5th oc mix (where have I been, I had no idea that there was 4 disc of this stuff! It’s sort of like “now that’s what i call alt’.).

  2. Well, I’ve gotta believe that any kind of national exposure for a band, especially a relatively new band that is “up-and-coming,” is a good thing, but I think he has a nice perspective on it. “Yeah, of course it’s great, but we hope people see there’s more to us than a song on the O.C.” I’m sure the band hopes their shelf life is longer than your average network television show. Nice Q&A, Sarah!

  3. does anybody know what the name and the artist of the song in the oc finale… it was at the funeral and it was also playing when calebdied and when marissa killed tres you can also email me [email protected] thnks

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