20 thoughts on “Jack White’s new band, the Raconteurs”

  1. I can’t wait for this album to come out. This could end up being really big. Maybe not on MTV, but to anyone who appreciates good music. Besides, who really gives a shit about MTV anyway?

  2. heard the raconteurs single and they rock if they can play with the spirit and comradary that the white stripes do the unbeatable

  3. jack white on top form as normal, the new bands pretty darn good! what dya think ‘ll happen to meg?!

  4. They aint no White Stripes, and never going to get close with the crappy lyrics on the two singles they have on their website. Jack + Meg = rockstars

    reconteurs = another band

  5. you’re probably right, but I like those songs. Or I did when I first heard them, I’ve pretty much forgotten them now.

  6. where oh where has my little jack gone. when i heard the single i was waiting to hear jack just rip it but when i woke up it was all a bad dream. come back jack

  7. I love the new single and I hope to hear them live. Jack will always be a rock icon to me and it’s great to see him do side projects like this. but I need more shitty guitar jack.

  8. Jack White is one the best guitarist we have nowadays, if not ever before. i am a firm beleiver that any band Jack is in will be completely awesome.

  9. you think jack white is possibly the best guitarist of all time? that’s possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. brush up on your music knowledge a tad there… i suggest following the white stripes’ music back through time, through blues specifically, and I think you’ll find some other guitarists worthy of your attention.

  10. Wait till you see the Raconteurs live! They rock!! I’ve had an excellent time in White Stripes concerts before and am one of the lucky ones that got to see one the first Racinteurs concerts in the UK and the all I can say is wait and see! They were amazing!

  11. I hate this gay band. It sucks. You need to get rid of the other guitarist, the other vocalist, replace the drummer with meg and give jack some solos!!!!!!!!

  12. indifferent with Jack White’s new group. Didn’t dig it too much. I’m still hooked on the first two albums which are raw, poetic, and genuise ( also love his rendition of One More Cup of Coffee by Dylan). He needs to go back to the eight track recording which i know for a fact complement his guitar, piano, and harmonica carrying his cadance lungs full of dark poetic surreal lyrics. Please Jack Please.

  13. Some of you guys don’t get it – you can’t go on replicating the same thing forever. Jack is a genius – we all know that – and genius must express itself, push itself, challenge itself, if it’s going to continue existing. I can’t wait to hear this album, because it’s another chapter in an amazing rock story.

  14. Jack White is an extremely talented musician, to be sure, but don’t you think “genius” is a bit strong of a word? The man plays the blues like a demon, but that doesn’t exactly qualify him as a genius. I mean, he’s no Boz Scaggs.

  15. genius. Every project he has ever been involved in has been marked by it. I was at the Irving plaza gig, and he turned what would otherwise have been just power-pop into something far better. Never ceases to amaze. And it goes beyond his incredible guitar skill, he’s the whole package.

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