Jandek's Glasgow Sunday album detail.

Jandek – Glasgow Sunday

JandekGlasgow Sunday (Corwood Industries)

Until recently, Jandek embodied obscurity: forty albums, no confirmed name or face, no shows or interviews. Naturally, Jandek’s scattered (but devoted) fans rejoiced when he made his first live appearance in October 2004. Glasgow Sunday documents that performance.

Despite the hype (that you may or may not have heard) surrounding Mr. Mystery, only open-minded listeners should introduce themselves with Glasgow Sunday. In fact, one might wonder if this release is somehow a disingenuous plan to feel the spotlight and yet restrain public excitement. Not one track is remotely accessible, and Glasgow Sunday will not draw casual listeners to the music.

One could describe the sound as performance art by a creature who moans tolerable poetry above a band (Richard Youngs on bass and Alexander Neilson on drums) that sounds like it’s beating corrugated sheet metal with mallets. Glasgow Sunday might be a perfect addition to an already-existing, expansive Jandek collection—a milestone release. Other than that, avoid it.

4 thoughts on “Jandek – Glasgow Sunday”

  1. I started with Graven Image and Blue Corpse, but still can’t seem to get into him…anyone else have some better suggestions?

  2. ive heard the best started is the first…all i know is you hear the guy once and youll always recognize his sound.

  3. For fans of Jandek, this release is the good sh*t! Trembling, dischordant electic guitar pickings,wailed, demented vocals, the ocassional Can style bass and the messy divorce of a disfunctional drum kit.

    Not for everyone, thats for sure, but keep at it – the genius will reach you eventually.

    For those looking for a decent intro to Jandek, check out the compilation “Jandek For Dummies”; which spans the majority of his career and is a perfect introduction to his inner-inside world.

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