John Darnielle on Fiona Apple

John Darnielle says “the new Fiona Apple is a fascinating and unique document” but its release is being held up indefinitely by the label: “Don’t like the major labels? Downloading their releases while refusing to buy them won’t help; to change the situation, you’d have to stop listening to the kind of fuel in which the major labels traffic.”

3 thoughts on “John Darnielle on Fiona Apple”

  1. That’s crap. Regardless of how good or bad Fiona’s album is its release should be honored. I’m of the opinion that a recording contract should be a bind between artist and label, not something that the label can use to leverage against its artists to marginalize the music and protect the corporation’s bottom line. The music business is different then other big business because it is the business of buying and selling art. Once we lose sight of music as creative output and view it only as a commodity (clear channel), we have lost sight of why we listen to it in the first place.

  2. Or you can let them know that you would like this album released by signing the petition at :)

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