Juliana Hatfield – Stay Awake

“Stay Awake” by Juliana Hatfield from her new self-released album, Made in China.

Juliana Hatfield - Made in China

And in case you were wondering, that body belongs to Ms. Hatfield:

What does it mean to a person whose identity is very wrapped up in the music she makes, if her worth is measured by how many records she sells? I sold most of my records more than ten years ago and since then everything I do is measured against that… And my music isn’t getting any worse. How do I wipe the slate clean? I don’t want to wipe the slate clean. I’m proud of what I’ve done. How do I get your attention? Implants? Do I have to take my clothes off to be heard? Well, I put a chunk of my naked flesh on the cover of my album. It’s the viscera where my art comes from. But you don’t know that. You’ll just see a sexy chopped-off torso. No pesky head, or legs to run away on. Can I be popular now, again? What if I don’t want to be popular? What if I didn’t like it? Being popular has never been cool.

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  1. For a truly artistic and impactful cover, Juliana should have spelled out her name and the title across her stomach in male ejaculate.

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