Lady Sovereign upsets Philly

Philadelphia disappointed by Lady Sov performance: “Dear Lady Sovereign. You are whiny little bitch.”

2 thoughts on “Lady Sovereign upsets Philly”

  1. OK things went wrong with the sound system and all the stage monitors were dead. From what I hear they had been having trouble with them all day during set-up and sound check which is why doors opened late. OK the “professional” thing to do would be decide in afternoon to cancel but Sov loves to perform and wanted to give everybody a good night out so tried to get things fixed. Two tracks in they all pack in again and that was final blow that broke Sov after hours of trying to get things working. Her manager has personally promised refunds or tickets will be valid when she appears in Philly again when she launches her album in April. Philadelphia may be disappointed but I’m certain Sov is ten times more disappointed!

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