Lot 15: Funnier Than Kanye

Lot 15



Michael West was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but grew up in a small town in Arkansas where he learned the subtle art of trailer park living (his trailer actually was Lot 14, without the bar). As a lad West spent most of his time listening to O.G. rap: Doug E. Fresh, Public Enemy, BDP. “One day, like a punch in the face, I heard punk rock, wow!!! That was it for me, forever changed.” It wasn’t long before he started reading conspiracy theory books.

These days West plays drums in The Goodnight and listens to The Mountain Goats, Ted Leo, old-ass Bob Mould, Lungfish, Saturday Looks Good to Me, Tracker, The Weakerthans, and—still—The Dead Presidents soundtrack. You can see more of his work, including the daily strip Lot 14, at Top Soil Comics.

8 thoughts on “Lot 15: Funnier Than Kanye”

  1. I don’t get it…are you saying Kayne should stick to music instead of morphing into the political douche bag he has become Or is the joke suppose to be the fact a white guy is complaining about Bushy not liking black people, since he’s not black?

    Or maybe its both, a double stuff oreo joke…

  2. dude, i don’t think the comic is hilarious but i don’t come on attacking it either. don’t you think that’s just a little harsh on your end?

  3. I like it. It’s not laugh out loud funny…but man, do I EVER know a lot of people like our unfunny protagonist. This comic more or less provides reassurance that other people like my angsty friends are out there…and that people other than me have to deal with their musically/politically angsty friends.

    :D Um, so yeah. I like Lot 15.

  4. well, there’s something topical!

    that’s a pretty dense strip… rips on bush & kanye, AND has an inside joke about people not being funny. i was pleasantly surprised.

    …although doesn’t it seem like you’re pandering to your critics a bit (even while mocking them)?

    anybody want to start an existential conversation about a comic strip?

  5. hey sara, nice spelling job there. you’d think that being a comic strip critic, you’d have at least mediocre English skills. Maybe you make enough money that you can pay an editor to do it for you. If that’s the case, make sure your editor takes a shot at your GloNo posts too…

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