Lot 15: Where you been?

Lot 15



Michael West was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but grew up in a small town in Arkansas where he learned the subtle art of trailer park living (his trailer actually was Lot 14, without the bar). As a lad West spent most of his time listening to O.G. rap: Doug E. Fresh, Public Enemy, BDP. “One day, like a punch in the face, I heard punk rock, wow!!! That was it for me, forever changed.” It wasn’t long before he started reading conspiracy theory books.

These days West plays drums in The Goodnight and listens to The Mountain Goats, Ted Leo, old-ass Bob Mould, Lungfish, Saturday Looks Good to Me, Tracker, The Weakerthans, and—still—The Dead Presidents soundtrack. You can see more of his work, including the daily strip Lot 14, at Top Soil Comics.

3 thoughts on “Lot 15: Where you been?”

  1. No personal offense intended to the artist but these are painfully unfunny. So dumb it makes me wonder if it’s some Gary Benchley style, hipster parody. Bland, pointless record store cliches presented with all the wit and creativity of a bazooka joe gum comic. They make Empire Records look like inspired genius by comparison.


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