Mike Myers to Play Keith Moon

Mike Myers Will Play Keith Moon in an upcoming biopic. Too bad Myers is already ten years older than Moon was when he died. Jason Schwartzman should’ve got the role.

4 thoughts on “Mike Myers to Play Keith Moon”

  1. I’ve been hearing about this project for a little while now. I thought that Mike Myers in the starring role was only speculation. I hope they show Moon’s sensitive side, rather than present him purely as motel room trasher, drunk, groupy conossieur, and all ’round nut. Granted Moon is notable for all of these activities/personifications, but at times he wasn’t the over-the-top character that has become the rockstar cliche.

  2. I’m under the impression Jason Schwartzman should play everyone in every movie. The man’s a genius. Plus he can actually play the drums! I hope Mike at least gets Dana Carvey to give him some lessons.

  3. I hope Mike at least gets Dana Carvey to give him some lessons.

    Yeah, that’s something I thought about. I know Myers can play bar chords on guitar from watching Wayne’s World, but can he drum? True, Jason Schwarzmann should play everyone in every movie but it tends to inflict a strain on the actor’s psyche. I mean look at Peter Sellers, he played three characters in “Dr. Strangelove or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb” and if I learned anything from the Peter Sellers movie produced by HBO, he was a real ass!

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