3 thoughts on “Photos of the rotting corpse of the Grande Ballroom”

  1. I grew up in Sterling Heights MI. My mom, dad and uncles all have told me about the Grande (pronounced Grand-EE). My uncle saw Zeppelin there once and the MC5 on numerous occasions. I live in New Jersey now and want to be able to go and see it in person before anything bad happens to it. The Grande was one of the premier places for bands of the era to play in Detroit. I always smile when I see old psychadelic concert posters that list it as the venue.

  2. How well I remember the Grande Ballroom. I was there nearly every weekend in the 60’s. It hurts to see it in ruins. What I’d give to turn back the clock and spend just one more evening there! Still a fan……..

  3. holy shit!! my prayers were heard. and my whoops hollers ,whispers still swirling around in front othe stage as the Cream break into

    ‘there show opener Tales ofBrave ulyssee .buckets of water thown fromthe stage to coool the loyal patrons,the Who winter 67-68 the magic bus petes 12 min.solo i cansee for miles meand my brother weretalking to each other how many windmills could townshenddo before his arm is ripped apart from shoulder sendingit andbloody bone shards flying out over the crowd ahh..yes agustus stanley owsley III SENDS HIS REGARDS AND A1000 HITS OF GREEN DOT TO WELCOME IN THE NEW YEAR BE BACK LATER THIS SUMMER TO PAINT THE TOWN BLUE REMEMBER THE DOTS FOR THE BRAIN AND WE’D CHEER FOR THE TIGERS …. so many moments the colorsexhaled thatwas then now our time.. has just begun toremain adrift thatmoment sweet perfume of innocents the girls where could we have gotten without the smell of there hair thank you lord almighty thank you for your most perfect creation my girls oyhe grande never forget linda j. peggy c. jann u. judy s. the delaware house ladies for teaching me about how to please lets all hold that thought i, m just gettig started until next time jimi


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