Radio 4 – Eyes Wide Open

“Eyes Wide Open” by Radio 4 from 2003’s Gotham courtesy of CitySlang. Thanks to 3hive for the reminder of how great this song is.

3 thoughts on “Radio 4 – Eyes Wide Open”

  1. This is a great tune. In fact the whole album rocks, this isn’t even close to the best song on there (that honor belongs to Certain Tragedy). Anyway, it sounds a little like a lost Gang of 4 album. Their other two albums don’t even compare.

  2. I love Radio 4. Gotham! is an incredible album. I’d have to agree that yes, their newer album sucks, but I do enjoy their first album.

    If you even remotely like “Eyes Wide Open,” I strongly recommend Gotham! Amighty is right- there are much better songs on there!

  3. If you can find it, pick up their “live at Southstreet Seaport NYC 2002” album. Early versions of their early material, sounds great.

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