The Go – Supercuts

The Go - Supercuts

The Go is giving “the gift of psych-rock for yer yule tide cheerios” by allowing you to download Supercuts, a previously super rare (500 pressed), vinyl-only, 10-song album. Via MCR.

Updated link: The Go – Supercuts on bandcamp.

6 thoughts on “The Go – Supercuts”

  1. I bought this on vinyl at a record store in a trip to the “D” a couple of summers ago. I didn’t know it was so rare (500 copies?). It has some of the same songs as on their second record; which I must say sound much better on vinyl. Never the less it’s worth downloading.

  2. Hell yeah, this record is fucking stellar dudes! Seriously, I got this at a show where they opened up for GBV and I was talking to the lead singer about an old friend of his (Dan-o anyone?) and his guitarist traded me one for a joint. Straigh On is hot shit!

    Download it now, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. The one time I saw these guys live was at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC, they were opening for the Hives (I think) or maybe the greenhornes.

    They sucked big time. They came across as pretentious posers with no musical abilities. And at that point I was already a big fan, having listened to Watcha Doin like a million times. My buddy still hasn’t been able to listen to anything by them since.

    I got over it, but that night was really puzzling – specially when I hear bootlegs like this.

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