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The SightsThe Sights (New Line)

The Sights can be easily compared to The Strokes: they have a similar catchy feel, they’re edgy, and they don’t fuck around. See track one: “I’m Going To Live The Life I Sing.” But one thing’s for sure, the comparison ends here: right now, members of The Strokes are worrying about their careers, and they worry because of bands like The Sights.

If these Detroit boys follow their current path, continue to mine their talent—a pure, renewable resource—and stay original, current listeners will soon say, “I remember when The Sights used to play [insert small local club name here], and I could walk right up to the stage. Now, they’re headlining [insert name of hugely popular festival here].”

If The Sights are not already beyond playing the small clubs, anticipate an explosion in the near future, and latch on while you can. These Detroit boys are good—real good—and they’re the real deal.

Their self-titled release will make your summer. The Sights has everything: Beatle-esque harmonies, pop appeal, rock appeal—and I mean rock—and raw, original goddamn talent. Just take a listen to “Baby’s Knocking Me Down,” and you’ll know when the old west-style piano solo kicks in.

Download “Circus” courtesy of New Line Records.

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  1. Hmmm … the Sights … I see ….

    That song “Circus” is a good one. So the album is due out this summer? Any idea when?

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