This Is a Fan Letter to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

They don't make stationery like this where I'm from...We get a lot of junk in the GLONO PO Box, but we don’t receive much personal correspondence. People send email now, not letters. That’s why this envelope caught our eye. It’s addressed to us, but it’s ultimately meant to be read by the guys in Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. We’re happy to do our part to help Haruka get her message out to her favorite band.

Dear Glorious Noise

I want to send this letter to BRMC.

I’m a fan of BRMC.

I looked for their address very hard,

but could not find it.

I wish they read this letter.

You very busy, I’m sorry to trouble you.



October 14, 2005


Nice to meet you.

I’m a high school student of 18 years in Japan.

I like music that your band makes very much.

Especially, favorite song is “TONIGHT’S WITH YOU”.

When I listen to this sound,

the appearance that starts on the road along the sea in the evening taking the convertible imagines.

The road where it continues even where

it runs straight.

To a pink, thin purple sky,

and silhouettes of the coconut tree

how many pass.

Driving the convertible on my side:

though loved very much in reality.

It is not a lover any longer but it is an important friend who has become it now.

When listening to this sound

I was very helped.

This song and your band gave me courage and hope.

It was kept secret in the innermost recesses of the heart,

and it took it to the world that had not been seen yet about me.

Thank you.

Hereafter, please make wonderful music.

Your fan,


Readers: Please pass this page around to anyone who you think might be able to get in touch with BRMC. Hopefully, we can get them to fulfill Haruka’s wish and read this letter!

Update: On November 9, we heard from the band’s webmaster who hooked us up with a forwarding address. Haruka’s letter will soon be in the hands (and hearts) of its intended recipients! Woo hoo!

16 thoughts on “This Is a Fan Letter to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club”

  1. Maarten, it was definitely written out by hand. Haruka used a very fine pen. If you compare the letters “a” and “n” you can tell that they were not made by a computer.

  2. These lyrics seem appropriate…

    “You are 18 year old girl

    Who live in small city of Japan

    And you heard me on the radio

    About one year ago

    And you wanted to know

    All about me and my hobbies

    My favorite food and my birthday

    “Why are you so far away from me?

    I need help and you’re way across the sea

    I could never touch you

    I think it would be wrong

    I’ve got your letter

    You’ve got my song

    “They don’t make stationery like this where I’m from

    So fragile, so refined

    So I sniff and I lick your envelope

    And fall to little pieces every time

    I wonder what clothes you wear to school

    I wonder how you decorate your room

    I wonder how you touch yourself

    And curse myself for being across the sea…”

    Weezer, Across the Sea

  3. I would hate to be a Japanese teenager who loved American bands. Tourists would always be coming up to me and asking if I’d ever heard of Weezer.

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