Thrill Jockey – Looking for a Thrill DVD

Various Artists – Looking for a Thrill (Thrill Jockey)

Traveled to Chicago last weekend. My mission, among other things, was to catch an instore appearance at Tower Records and witness a lineup including locals like Califone and the hip hoppin’ All Natural. Catharsis abounded—on and off stage—and the afternoon proved to be the perfect atmosphere for a celebration: the release of Thrill Jockey Records’ new DVD experiment, Looking for a Thrill: An Anthology of Inspiration.

Excerpts from the 330-minute compilation played between sets, and I browsed Tower’s goods as Thurston Moore described the Cramps’ first show: opening for the sadistic, addictive stylings of Suicide.

Tim Rutili, mastermind behind Califone, has described the DVD as “inspiring” and “highly recommended.” And even though he makes an appearance in the film, one need not question his motives: all profits go to Greenpeace, which allows you to feel good for giving to charity.

While you bask in personal satisfaction, you can watch Bjork’s face light up as she talks about her two-year-old kid and bleating car alarms, you can listen to Rutili’s story about desperately wanting John Popper “to walk,” and (in Rutili’s words) you will see percussionist Ben Massarella, who “looks like Clark Gable and talks about Miles Davis.”

Looking for a Thrill is a masterpiece about illumination. Order it now, and within a few days you will have answers to some of your musical ruminations and, naturally, new questions too. Order it now and watch a shaggy Vic Chesnutt talk about Melanie, Orwell, and his reflection. Watch Ian Mackaye talk about Lux Interior throwing up onstage. Watch everyone talk about the Ramones. Watch it.

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