Twin Wrecks the Memory – Royal Drug Lodge

Twin Wrecks the MemoryRoyal Drug Lodge (Self-Released)

Straight ahead drugged-out, alcohol-fueled vitriol. A blast of fuzz guitar that will leave you begging for more from the moment it starts coming out of your speakers. The cover art’s a mess, the music is a mess, and if the album is any indication I can only guess that the band is a mess. And man do I love a mess.

Royal Drug Lodge is some of the best straight ahead rock and roll that I’ve heard in a while. Let’s see what we’ve got in there… yeah, some Stooges, maybe some Motorhead, some harder Royal Trux, Spacemen 3 with out all the psychedelic swirl, fucked up early Sebadoh, fuzzed out Sonic Youth… yup, eight tracks of non-stop rock. No filler. This is the sort of stuff you put on your stereo when you’re pissed off at the world. Gimme more!

MP3 downloads are available at their MySpace site.

5 thoughts on “Twin Wrecks the Memory – Royal Drug Lodge”

  1. Where can we buy this album?? Listened to two songs on their myspace……man does this band ROCK!

  2. Twin Wrecks The Memory, is one of the best bands that I have heard in a long time. Their sound is tough and kicks ass. Do not miss a chance to hear them live.

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