Village Voice Pazz and Jop

The Village Voice Pazz & Jop 2004 results are finally in. Kanye!

Notable individuals’ lists:

• Our own Johnny Loftus loves Avril and Jojo!

• Siskel & Ebert: Greg Kot did not vote for Wilco. Jim DeRogatis, the revolutionary, digs Steve Earle and Green Day.

Peter Margasak and Bob Mehr from the Chicago Reader.

• Neumu’s Michael Goldberg.

• Pitchfork’s Ryan Schreiber. PopMatters’ Sarah Zupko.

Chuck Klosterman likes Toby Keith and Courtney Love.

• These guys are still alive? Robert Christgau. Greil Marcus. Who knew?

3 thoughts on “Village Voice Pazz and Jop”

  1. This is awesome: [url=]Critical Alignment ratings[/url] where they rank critics by how many other critics picked the albums on their list. Crazy statistics.

    GLONO’s Johnny Loftus’ list was definitely unique: he’s #613 out of 793, compared for example to DeRo (#118) and Kot (#64) and even Pitchfork’s Schrieber(#133).

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