White Stripes – Blue Orchid

Stream “Blue Orchid” by the White Stripes from Get Behind Me Satan, due June 7 2005 on V2. You can also download “Blue Orchid” from iTunes for a buck.

White Stripes Tour Dates:

5/11/05 Fundidora Amphitheatre de Coca Cola, Monterrey, MEXICO

5/13/05 Foro Alterno, Guadalajara, MEXICO

5/14/05 Sports Palace, Mexico City, MEXICO

5/18/05 Hotel Grand Tikal Futura/Guatemala City, GUATEMALA

5/20/05 Club Next/Panama City, PANAMA

5/21/05 Palacio De Los Desportes/Bogota, COLOMBIA

5/24/05 Victor Jara Arena/Santiago, CHILE

5/26/05 Secret Location TBA/ Misiones, ARGENTINA

5/28/05 Luna Park/Buenes Aires, ARGENTINA

6/1/05 Teatro Amazones (Opera House)/Manuas, BRAZIL

6/3/05 Clara Hall/Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL

6/4/05 Credit Card Hall/Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

6/10/05 Music Midtown Festival, Atlanta, GA, USA

6/24/05 The Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, ENGLAND

10 thoughts on “White Stripes – Blue Orchid”

  1. I like it. Granted, it’s a bit monotonous as the song doesn’t change much. However, I’m happy to hear somewhat of a change in pace for the stripes. It’s a bit eighties in it’s approach, and I love the vocals. The guitar(s) are massive. Though the song had to grow on me (I was in love by the second listen), I don’t doubt the greatness of their fifth studio effort and I can’t wait for early June.

  2. I’m sorry, I had to post again. I’m listening to the song right now. The guitar is just too cool. Screw what I said about the song being ‘monotonous’. Download this and crank it up as loud as you can. It makes the day better. Finally, a White Stripes album; it’s been two long years.

  3. This song is just another reason to love the White Stripes. I love how with every album they change but yet they quality and essence of their music still exists. Its just so amazing to me. I cannot wait until the release of the album. Its sure to be another classic.

  4. I don’t know what it is about this song, but everytime I listen to it, my pants get a little tighter and then my underpants start to feel moist. I can’t stop listening to this song.

  5. Well the vocals are different but the song rocks.I’m a big White stripes fan and I’m sure this is going to be great,I’m gettin it as soon as it comes out.

  6. “When your sitting in your little room, working on something good” . . . Has Jack spent to much time with Beck? Blue Orchid is crap. I can only hope this is a song recored in that “bigger room” and the rest of the album continues to work on something good, in a small, unpolished, dirty, gritty . . . room.

  7. Well…..if this song is indicative of the new album sound, it’s certainly going to score with the AC/DC and the Guns’n Roses fans out there.

    Pretty disappointing

  8. my new favorite song would be blue orchid if any other band would have released it. the guitar in the track is absolutely fantastic. an original sound to unoriginal licks but it still sounds great. the drums on the other hand are completely stock. meg needs to really explore the skins more and be able to handle more complicated beats. jack whites vocals and guitar talent are greatly beyond meg’s abilities. she needs to improve greatly if fans like me are to keep listening. my real beef though is how clean the track is. it is a really clean professional sound but thats not what i like about the stripes. i hope an unclean version will surface so i can still imagine my favorite garage band still in a garage and not in a studio. im hoping the other tracks will have a little dirt on them.

  9. Although it feels more poppish than ‘traditional’ White Stripes songs, I have full confidence that Jack White will not allow “Bet Behind me Satan” to be the “Albulm After Elephant That Was Not Quite As Good As Elephant”. I hear this new albulm is very bluesish- and for me this is fantastic as my favorite Stripes song is “Ball and Biscuit” from Elephant; where Jack shows off his tapping abilities in his 7 minutes of 3 seperate, immortal guitar solos. Kudos to the Satan, always one step behind in inspirational power of the Stripes.

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