Another Fond Farewell to a Friend – The Hard Lessons at CBGB

GLONO alum Stacey K. Anderson files a report for the Metro Times on Detroit noise machine the Hard Lessons’ gig in the final days of CBGB.

Among the gems that illustrate why we loved Stacey from first glance:

“Detroit? Sorry, never been there. I imagine it’s a magical, overcast place where everyone grouses about the auto industry, apologizes for Michael Moore and tolerates Canadians for drug-related purposes.”

“CBGB may change locations, but it won’t go anywhere if promising bands like this keep appearing, inspired by the collective force of its past.

This is Detroit? I’ll take it.”

We miss you Stacey, we mean it.

The Hard Lesson previously on GLONO: The Hard Lessons – Gasoline

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