Bad Faith – Faith Hill Reaction on CMAs

Oh shit. Looks like Faith Hill isn’t taking her loss in the CMAs last night too well.

Update: She claims she was just joking. Sure you were, Kanye.

3 thoughts on “Bad Faith – Faith Hill Reaction on CMAs”

  1. Faith Hill – the Kanye West of Country Music? Shame, shame, shame! Beauty, brains, money, fame, great husband, kids, all kinds of awards…..Boo hoo, poor Faith

  2. I believe that Faith has a right to be upset with Carrie winning. Knowing Carrie, I’ve learned that she’s a lot different person with the cameras aren’t around. Faith is human too, and makes mistakes. How would you like all of your mistakes to be focused on and ridiculed? Next time, think before you condemn.

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