4 thoughts on “Beach Boys Help Me Ronda sessions”

  1. I cannot stop listening to this. More troubling, I’m uttering “Let’s fight for success” whenever I’m struggling with the little one while trying to get him dressed for day care.

  2. The thing is I’m so glad this is annonymous.

    I’ve had terrible bouts of depression as a younger man. But when there was a lot of pressure from a close family member over the time of a year it went into bipolar. Ick.

    It caused me to do things I would never usually do. I would lie to get out of trouble, and cry practically every single day. I could not stop crying once I started for a long time. With medicine, and a better attitude, with a much better understanding with the loved one I’ve got so much better.

    Mental illness is not a joke or something to be made fun of especially when one has to go through it.

    If he went through such pressure for almost a live time as a young man Its suprising he didn’t end his life.

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