British Bands in Poisoned Spy Probe

If you’re following the unfolding real-life Ian Flemming plot involving a poisoned ex-FGB official in Britain, then here’s a rock and roll twist for ya. The NME is reporting that members of two British bands have been questioned because they recently flew on the plane that has tested positive for the radio active component that killed Alexander Litvenenko,

Both the Cooper Temple Clause and Razorlight traveled on the plane and members of both bands were interviewed by British Airways reps, but it sounds like the boys got much more excitement from the stash they carried back than the discussions with “a bored BA operator.”

Dan Fisher, of Cooper Temple Clause told the NME that the only thing that had made the band sick was the dope they’d brought back from their recent trip to Moscow.

“Now we know why,” said Fisher. “Radioactive weed is the future!”

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