Canadian RIAA Proves P2P Helps

Canadian record industry’s own study suggests file sharing might actually increase sales. The pollster denies this, but their arguments are debunked.

3 thoughts on “Canadian RIAA Proves P2P Helps”

  1. i think that P2P doesnt necessarily increase sales but I do think it increases exposure for an artist. I think people getting a lot more music that they wouldnt have bought in the first place.

  2. A lot of people think that, but what’s interesting about this study is that the data shows that: “P2P downloading constitutes less than one-third of the music on downloaders’ computers, that P2P users frequently try music on P2P services before they buy, that the largest P2P downloader demographic is also the largest music buying demographic, and that reduced purchasing has little to do with the availability of music on P2P services.”

    And this is all in the data from the Canadian Recording Industry Association’s own poll!

  3. What’s also interesting is that it’s completely self-reported. I have absolutely no doubt there would be a bias in that kind of reporting.


    New iPod arrived in the mail today. I open it, and facing me are:

    “Don’t steal music.

    Ne volez pas la musique.

    Bitte keine Musik stehlen.”

    And then some Asian script.

    I guess the Spanish-speaking companies haven’t glommed onto P2P yet.

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