Gawker Media vs. Village Voice

The New York Times covers Percolator’s new challenge to the Pazz & Jop poll.

The new survey will be organized by Michaelangelo Matos, a well regarded freelance writer who has served as music editor at the Voice-owned Seattle Weekly…. Jackin’ Pop will have some new technological bells and whistles, like demographic breakdowns of ballots, but will largely be modeled after Pazz & Jop. Mr. Matos, 31, said it was as much a homage to that model as a protest against the new Voice.

“Pazz & Jop has always been about intellectual music coverage,” he said. “There are people at The Voice doing good, smart work, but the overall culture does not smile upon it being particularly thoughtful.”

… To nab that credibility, Idolator first offered the job of putting Jackin’ Pop together to Mr. Christgau. He declined, but said he would contribute to both Jackin’ Pop and Pazz & Jop.

Read Percolator’s Jackin’ Pop announcement: Time To Raze The Village.

Update: the results are in.

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