8 thoughts on “Chicagoist Distracted by Glorious Noise”

  1. I’m pretty sure they were talking about the CSN(Y) article.

    I was. And the Diamond article, which isn’t exactly classic rock, per se. So I went with “geezer” since “Rock By Gentlemen of a Certain Age” isn’t…actually that would have been better.

    Incidentally, I will fight anyone who sullies the name of Neil Diamond.

  2. Actually, Jake, I believe the term is “Dino-rock”. But whatever.

    So now that you all are getting compared to the likes of Pitchfork, when is the Glono Music Festival coming up?

  3. Well, we do go on about the Neils…neither of which are exactly minty-fresh new.

    But we love Journey, too! They’re the hip kind of band the youngsters are all talking about.

  4. Got a mouse in your pocket, Shecky?

    Journey inspired one great video game and released a handful of fun rollerskating singles. Kids these days with their love of cheesy 80s bullshit, I tell ya…

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