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Alone again, naturally.We caught singer songwriter Tim Easton at what is becoming our go-to venue, Schubas. Determined to get out and see the world, Easton purposely wrote songs he could play alone. As a GLONO exclusive, we have three that cover Politics, Religion and good old clean Entertainment.

They say that no man is an island but sometimes a man needs to break away and indeed be alone. The idea of the wandering troubadour may seem quaint today but thank God there are people out there who still believe in romanticism.

On his fourth album, Ammunition, Tim Easton wandered the world, recording when and where he felt like it. From Joshua Tree, California to Amsterdam and back to Alaska, Easton followed his songs and his heart to write an album with admittedly political leanings, but one he says could be applied to anytime. To deny the weight of current events does not bear influence would be silly though.

“I started out writing political songs,” said Easton. “The news lends itself to wanting to comment.”

The first songs on our exclusive video feature, “News Blackout” harkens back to protest songs of years past. Shades of Guthrie, Dylan, and even Stephen Stills’ early solo material (his best) seep through.

You can’t discuss politics in the age of Bush without also discussing religion. The confluence of two of the three table talk no-nos has led to a polarization this country hasn’t seen since the civil rights movement. To not support the President isn’t just to be un-American (as if that’s not bad enough), but to be un-Godly. And yet the hypocrisy of claiming Christian morality while robbing the poor and killing the “unsaved” seems lost on most. Not Easton.

“That song does not attack people that follow Jesus, it attacks people who claim to follow him but do not do as he says.”

The song, “J.P.M.F.Y.F” is a lovely, scathing indictment of Christian moralists who traffic in decidedly un-Christ-like behavior and will be featured on Neil Young’s running commentary on the war, Living With War Today.

It’s not all politics and religion with Easton though. In interviews, he comes across as warm and affable. He’s self deprecating and even fesses up to a lie. Closing out our video feature is the “The Dear Old Song and Dance.” A fitting conclusion considering we’re all just song and dance men in the end.

5 thoughts on “GLONO Video with Tim Easton”

  1. i really need to check out his newest album (and actually go back & listen to his older ones). this 1st song is great

  2. I wish Tim Easton would put a comment section on his website one day. So much of what he writes and sings is worthy of feedback, support, and opinion.

    I’ve been watching Easton’s career for about a year now. I had the opportunity to see him play live at The Hotel Cafe in L.A. in the spring of 2006. He is a much needed voice in the world and, from what I can tell, an artist who’s actions are congruent with his talk. Thank-you for the songs, Tim. And, thank-you for being an artist because you simply have a passion to play and have your work heard. Not because you want to be some bloody “ROCK STAR” on the hunt for fame and fortune.

    And, hey – come tour Canada one day. Bush doesn’t live here.

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