Glorious Noise Video with the Deadstring Brothers

Deadstring BrothersThis week’s GLONO video feature stars Detroit’s Deadstring Brothers, recorded live in Chicago last winter. Recently signed to Bloodshot Records, the band is making a name for itself with gritty, explosive live shows and an album that gives more than a passing nod to everyone’s favorite Glimmer Twin party.

Mick Jagger sometimes complains that people want the Stones to relive their past; that they can’t get away from what so many consider the Golden Age of the Greatest Band on Earth’s catalog. I can understand his frustration as an artist at being tied forever to en era 30 years past. Well, he doesn’t have to do it. There’s a group of longhairs from Detroit more than willing to lap in the debauched luxury of Exile on Main Street. Ladies and Gentlemen: the Deadstring Brothers!

Your first listen to the band’s new album Starving Winter Report might leave you a bit confused: What year is it? Where am I? Is that weed I smell? Relax. Detroit bands are comfortable in the past and are the perfect guides on a trip through your favorite records. Let’s have a picnic with the Flying Burrito Brothers. Maybe a nap with Marlon Brando, Pocahontas, and Neil Young? Have you met the new guy, Bobby Gillespie?

The Deadstring Brothers know them all, and know them well. The production might be a bit glossy, but the songs and the mood are vintage ragweed and patched jeans. Here we present the band live at Schubas in Chicago last winter. Kick back, have a toke, and make eyes at the hippy chick in the corner.

Catch the Deadstring Brothers with Cracklin’ Moth at the Hideout in Chicago on June 24.

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  1. Excellent stuff – and that IS weed I smell.

    Also, who’s the chickie-poo? I dig those art-school-girls-of-doom types…

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