Help Fight Goliath: Mom vs. RIAA

Home taping is killing music.We’ve all heard about Patricia Santangelo, the single mother of five who’s the first person to stand up to the RIAA in a filesharing case. She’s still not backing down, and now the RIAA is targeting her children. This is not acceptable.

Unfortunately, to have a chance in hell of actually winning this case, Santangelo needs to hire legal representation. She’s been willing to represent herself, but come on. She needs money. And here’s where you come in…

The good folks over at p2pnet have set up a Patti Santangelo Fight Goliath campaign site where they’re collecting PayPal donations to make sure that she has the legal support she needs to win this battle.

They’ve set up a central tracking page where you can see the total donations from the various sites. Let’s get Glorious Noise up on that board!

We’ve got send a message to the Big Four major labels, and let them know that it’s not a good idea to treat music fans like criminals.

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