Hoosiers Wacky For Wilco

As has been chronicled on these pages before, Wilco fans can be…um…nutty in their devotion to the band. From promises to pay for an album they likely downloaded for free to what we have here today: a petition to bring Jeff Tweedy and Co. to Ft. Wayne , Indiana for a show.

An online petition is being circulated. The goal? As bringwilcotofw.com says, “Let’s show the powers-that-be that we want this, we’re committed to it, and we’ll pack the Embassy up, down, sideways and all around. B.B. King, James Taylor, they’re all legends. But let’s see a legendary concert. Let’s see the legends of tomorrow.”

Given the extensive touring Wilco does and their honorable dedication to their fans, I’m putting my money on a Ft. Wayne show in the near future. Won’t you help some fellow music nutters get their wish?

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