4 thoughts on “Intonation, Pitchfork and Lollapalooza 2006: Chicago Rocks”

  1. What the fuck? Why does Chicago get these festivals? At least we get Summerstage in NYC, but those are all separate shows.

    If I make it to any of these, it’ll be Intonation, so that I can see my man Mike Skinner.

  2. New York gets good shows all the time, so i dont really feel sorry for last poster. us midwesterners have to deal with cancelled shows, bored bands playing their umpteenth show in a row and have to travel to see interesting shows.

    personally, im thinking about pitchfork and bonnaroo is going to be sweet this year, radiohead anyone? its about time festivals started keeping it real and travelling a little farther than the coasts.

  3. Yeah, but the thing is: festivals kind of suck, don’t they? I mean, who wants to stand outside in the sun all day with a bunch of sweaty weirdos? I much prefer to be inside in a dark bar for a couple of hours (max) with a bunch of sweaty weirdos.

    There are certain bands that should just not be exposed to daylight. Like the Warlocks. Who rule, but damn it was a strange spectacle to see them in the sunshine.

  4. There are certainly drawbacks to festivals, but the chance to see many bands you love instead of, say, 2 or 3 in a day is just so damned tempting.

    I agree some bands shouldn’t be on the festival circuit. As for Radiohead, I think they’re one of them. I want them and only them for 2 or 3 hours. I saw them on the HTTT summer tour and I’ll be there this summer when they come to NJ.

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