Jack White, Billy Childish Feud

Jack White vs. Billy Childish. This could get ugly. Jack’s message. Update: Childish strikes back! Update #2: White calls in the lawyers!

“Though I have undoubtedly angered Jack White, I think it’s a bit nasty of him to accuse me of plagiarism merely because his former admiration of my work was not reciprocated. It all smacks of jealousy to me. I have a bigger collection of hats, a better moustache, a more blistering guitar sound and a fully developed sense of humour. The only thing I can’t understand is why I’m not rich. Yours sincerely, Billy Childish.”

9 thoughts on “Jack White, Billy Childish Feud”

  1. Woulda thought those guys got along, would even be friends or something. Egos, man, bummer.

    Still, I can barely understand what Jack’s saying, is he making thinly veiled refderences to ALL his music or just a few songs?

  2. Does White have a habit of responding to criticism that way? He seems a bit thin-skinned sometimes. Personally, I think they’re both great.

  3. Billy Childish loves himself too much and also that moustache he is sporting isnt at all better its awfull

  4. Billy has every right to love himself. The White Stripes suck, and Jack’s ratty ass hair growth looks more like a 12-year-olds peach fuzz.

  5. i dont like childish and as such im with jack because billy is trying to be a smart ass in what he says. go jack the white stripes rule

  6. what everyone needs to know is that Jack White is a fan of the 90’s underground blues-punk music(the Gories, the Oblivions, JSBX, Gibson Brothers, etc, etc), so he formed his band in 1999-AFTER all of the great underground punk blues groups have ALREADY created this great hybrid noisey punk music, including Billy Childish who has been doing this type of beautiful blistering music since the late 80’s!

    I had the luck to see Billy’s band Thee Headcoats by accident in the early 90’s opening for Mudhoney and was blown away and a fan since. Billy is the real deal, Jack White is the fraud-The White Stripes music is a gentrified, mainstream , radio friendly, inferior version of this type of music. Real rock and roll fans understand this!

    Billy Childish would never make an ad for Coca-Cola, never want to play stadiums, never name drop the Stooges without even sounding remotely close to them, never appear in a film like Cold Mountain, never beat up the guy from another lame band, the Von Bondies, and never marry a fashion model!

    There is a glaring reason why the White Stripes cd’s can be bought in lame corporate stores sitting next to Madonna, Jack Johnson, No Doubt and the rest of the consumerist soul less music!

  7. I just think that Jack White got a little too big for his britches. I love the White Stripes, don’t get me wrong, but an accusation of plagiarism against Billy Childish?! Your man there has been doing this since little Jacky has been in diapers! Ridiculous. Even so, as Billy Childish said, blues and blues based music is all based off the same thing, and the building off one certain tune isn’t plagiarism, it’s the name of the game, baby! The only way that it becomes plagiarism is when someone makes pop music (ie; The White Stripes). I guess that’s it for me.

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