The Latest in the Jack White/Billy Childish Row

A Childish spat: ‘Whingy’ White calls in the lawyers – The latest in the ongoing feud between Jack White and Billy Childish. Previously. Update: Round two.

JACK 'whingy' WHITE vs 'bitter' BILLY CHILDISH ltd ed

You can buy the limited edition art poster on ebay. “The red splodge is there to protect delicate eBayers from the profanity it hides, it won’t be on the final piece.” Ha!

The original poster:

Click for larger size

Here’s the Aquarium art gallery’s take on the situation. This whole thing is hilarious. The greater the moustache, the greater the artist.

One more thing. Here’s the original, original poster:

Ali vs. Norton

Goofy spats like this are what make reading about rock and roll as fun as it is!

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