Jordan Catalano Beats Up Blogger

This is great. Jered Leto Attacks Stereogum!

• Jared, perhaps having made the realization he’s actually among the blog scum he so loathes, firmly grabs Stereogum’s arm and begins loudly expressing his displeasure with the question.

• Sensing that the eyeliner-wearing rock goddess might be in danger, a nearby security monkey grabs Stereogum, erases all the data in his camera, and forcibly removes him from the entire venue, severly injuring his left ring finger – his BLOGGING FINGER – in the process.

Can you think of anything nerdier than a c-list TV has-been turned Hot Topix “rockstar” siccing his goons on a blogger? Where’s that insulting puppet dog when you need him?

Via percolator, who recently pointed out that the Gum’s been bought.

4 thoughts on “Jordan Catalano Beats Up Blogger”

  1. Confirmation of the Gum buyout from the NY Post:

    Armed with new money from both Pittman and Hirschhorn, Stereogum, already singled out by everyone from Entertainment Weekly to The Wall Street Journal as one of the best music resources on the Web, plans to add more writers and go “deeper and narrower” with its indy-rock music coverage.

    Lapatine will retain creative control and an equity stake in Stereogum, with Pittman and Hirschhorn taking what the source described as more than minority positions.

    First thing to spend money on: lawsuit against Leto.

  2. For the record, in case anyone is interested: I’m willing to sell The Out Route. And I won’t be pesky and ask for control or anything. Just give me the money and I’ll disappear.

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