Kasabian – Empire

Kasabian - EmpireKasabianEmpire (RCA)

I’m not a druggy; I don’t have the constitution for it. But goddamn if I don’t love drug music.

Lifting pages from the best drug music over the last 20 years, Kasabian returns with 11 tracks that phase in and out of focus and twist your melon until you’re left with the “duhs” and wondering where your shoes are.

Empire is decidedly more mechanical than the Leicester, England band’s eponymous debut. Moving from an opium den into the flashing lights and shaking tits of a coked up dance club, the band employs more studio wizardry and electronic blips on their sophomore effort. The effect might leave some with a killer headache, but the fuzzy memories will at least give you stories to tell your friends.

Fans of the first album shouldn’t be dismayed though. It’s not a total departure from the influence-laden debut. There are still nods to the band’s faves, including the lead-off single, “Shoot the Runner,” which could easily be mistaken for a later day Shaun Rider project. Yes, Bez is selling pills at this club.

I’ve yet to see Kasabian live but if the show is anything like the albums, I will need a vitamin B-12 shot, two gallons of orange juice, and a calzone to shake off the hangover. Ah, but the fun we’ll have…

Older MP3s: “Club Foot” from the debut, courtesy of Insound. Also: “Reason Is Treason” (live) and “Club Foot” (live).

Stream: “Empire” audio (QT, WIn) and video (QT, Win)

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