Letter from Steely Dan to Luke (and Owen) Wilson

Hey Luke Wilson – A letter from Steely Dan wherein they accuse Owen’s new movie of ripping off their “Cousin Dupree” (lyrics). “Your bro may be creating an extremely retrograde reality matrix for himself with his whole sellout moveistar game and there may be some righteous dudes to pay, amen.” Good to see they’re still getting high!

One thought on “Letter from Steely Dan to Luke (and Owen) Wilson”

  1. That was worth a chuckle. Steely Dan are still cool, I don’t care what anyone says.

    When they won their Best Album Grammy in 2001 for Two Against Nature, my dad was happy because that was the first time he owned a Grammy winning album in about 20 years.

    Also until a couple of weeks ago, I thought Luke and Owen Wilson were the same person. That’s the truth.

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