Members of Two Gallants, Audience Assaulted At Houston Nightclub

“Last night (Fri. Oct 13), a single officer responded to a noise complaint about live music at Walter’s on Washington. As opposed to following protocol and procedure used by all other officers responding to similar complaints at Walter’s, this ‘over zealous’ decides to walk in, avoid managment, and get on stage and subsequently slam the guitar player on the stage, attack the drummer, and break a 90 year old upright bass….”

The account, including YouTube footage, is at Houston So Real. Please contact the Houston Police Department and let them know that this incident deserves a thorough investigation, because 14-year-old kids getting tasered at an indie rock show is beyond fucked up.

Via Last Plane To Jakarta.

3 thoughts on “Members of Two Gallants, Audience Assaulted At Houston Nightclub”

  1. I was there. Fucking crazy. The band and audience maybe could have handled things better, but the officer was completely out of line. I swear, the man was looking for a fight.

    TV news coverage has stuck to the police report’s angle, which is that the cop was assaulted by the band and rowdy, drunk patrons. Bullshit.

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