Own a piece of CBGBs

CBGB is auctioning off a bunch of junk. Right now, the only item is the original waitress station. But apparently, “Items will continue to be listed until all memorabilia has been auctioned.”

Happy bidding!

Via punknews.

3 thoughts on “Own a piece of CBGBs”

  1. This reminded me of something that happened after the Patti Smith show last month. The lights came up after the show and people started leaving.

    Someone grabbed something ( a small piece of the floor or wall or something) and as soon as he did a security guard with a flashlight yelled at him and flashed the light on him to put the piece of CBGBs back down.


  2. Actually I did get myself a piece of CBGBs history last night on Ebay.

    The club commisioned an artist to design a poster for the last show and they had a limited amount of 10″ x 22″ posters printed on cardstock.

    I didn’t even see them at the club that last night, until I was walking out the door, and I did see some people leave with them..Anyway, I saw one on Ebay last night, autographed by the artist and bid on it. I won it.

    It wasn’t cheap, but I had to have it.

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