People In Planes – As Far As the Eye Can See

People In Planes - As Far As the Eye Can SeePeople In PlanesAs Far As the Eye Can See (Wind-Up)

A major problem in entertainment today is the lack of originality. Such is the case with the Welsh group People In Planes. They come across as a new Muse or Snow Patrol, which of course begs the question: do we need a new Muse or Snow Patrol? Especially one with shamefully bad lyrics.

People In Planes’ debut, As Far As the Eye Can See, comes roaring in with the bad-ass, coked-out “Barracuda,” begging, “Don’t let me pull over / My senses rely on the finest wine / The quickest time.” Um…what? When they try to get deep, it’s even worse. “Falling by the Wayside” and “Penny” read like passages from a teenager’s poetry notebook. Here, even the music can’t pull it out of the realm of the mundane. Album closer, “Narcoleptic,” is a weak Incubus impression with the chorus: “Must be narcoleptic / Can’t help the way I am (I’m so tired).” Thanks for making us wade through the entire album for that.

The syncopated tonic scale that decorates “Rush” tries to hide lines such as, “Beware of the professional / You won’t get me on / My bicycle with you.” That’s pretty much how it goes with the whole album: raging, kick-ass rock (replete with time and key changes a la Muse) masking a lyrical quagmire. The album’s not all bad: “For Miles Around (Scratch To Void)” is a fine Muse rip-off, and the first single, “If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)” is interesting enough (mp3). The effort is there, but there are too many inane lyrics and overproduced choruses to make much of an impact. Maybe next time.

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  1. Matt Storm you are fucking jackass… Go Kill Yourself. People in Planes’ album rocks. I bet you couldn’t make anything better. You fucking waste of life.

  2. Dude, why did they let some wannabe hipster trash review an album?

    “Oh my God, I don’t understand the lyrics, I can’t like the album!”

    Grow the fuck up kid, jeeze, and, a lot of bands that use guitars and keyboards sound similar, what do you suggest this band use, harps and flutes?

    You’re a fucking moron.

  3. The problem is Matt that these people who have placed these nasty comments about your blatant lack of insight, and unmerited disregard for PIP’s album are all absolutely correct. You are a bit of a prick.

    What is absolutely tranparent (and quite boring to read actually) is you’re desperate attempt to be consistent with the ‘I hate this album’ angle.

    You decided before you even pulled off the wrapping that you weren’t going to like these guys, and you spent 24 lines of the review trying to prove it.

    ‘Lack of orginality’ is probably the most misplaced comment I have ever heard when discribing PIP. Snow Patrol?!? Seriously man, only someone with an agenda could compare PIP to Snow Patrol. They are the antithesis of Snow Patrol my friend.

    You should look into some different line of work, take a load off, you need a rest…

  4. Hey, I think you’re all wrong…this album blew. If anything, he was being too generous. Seriously, are you guys actually in the band? I mean, you’d have to be to think they deserved more than a shuffle through the old CD player and a chunk out the window. And quit calling them “PIP”…it’s fucking annoying.

  5. people in planes is what floyd fans have been waiting for for years. grow up and learn how to appreciate good music. the album is kickass and relates to the modern audience.

  6. Bahahahaha….there is nothing in this world that I love more than a negative review with a string of negative comments. Thank you, thank you all.

    That being said….I’ll probably be seeing People in Planes pretty soon, opening up for a show that a friend is dragging me to. Now I know sorta what to expect. Rabid fans and disdainful hipsters. Hah.

  7. Hey Assholes – I just heard the PIP album for the first time (at least the first four tracks) and guess what? It wasn’t horrible, but pretty boring. I agree with Matt – a bunch of regergitated crap that sounds that sounds like just about anything you’d hear at your friend who tries way to hard to be edgy and cool’s house. All you haters ask yourself one question – if the band is so great, why have only like five people responded so negatively to his review? Blow me.

  8. This bloke is a complete cock! people in planes are then best thing to come out of the uk for years! Gareths voice is amazing and his lyrics match! People are quick to write off a band and not give them a chance! these boys are hear to say! A cult band!

  9. You said it mate.

    I’m writing from the UK as a long time fan of this band.

    You guys need to loosen up, and betray your pretentions and listen to the album a few times, it grows.

    I’d love to know who Catt Butt Seven listen’s to; probably whatever the magazines tell her she’s allowed to listen to for this week. she’s emo. she thinks that Weezer are the greatest band on earth, but only their first album. She doesn’t get this band, it’s not obviously categorisable, and do you know what; I’m really glad.

    And for the record it’s ‘regurgitated’. Blow this.

  10. Guys there is only 1 song on the album thats good! (If u Talk too much my head will explode) u should listen to Three Days Grace’s new Album, It rules!

  11. I agree with most of the posts… you are a moron. And if you are going to take the time to actually write a piece like this, get your facts straight. You didn’t even get the lyrics to “Barracuda” right, its supposed to be “rely on the finest LINE” not “the finest WINE.” Maybe that explains why you don’t understand any of the songs. Duh!

  12. Who the fuck is this jack ass? CALL YOUR SELF A REVEIW WRITER!!! Why dont you review somthing more your style like the fucking cheeky girls… i’ve never heard suck a load of bollocks, i’ve listened to pip since the early years and they keep getting better…. Oh and if you think they sound like muse you need your FUCKIN HEAD TESTED, ‘As Far As The Eye Can See’ is one of the best albums this year so far…. ROCK ON PIP… Keep blessing us with your GENIUS

  13. Matt was too nice. I wouldn’t give this rehashed turd the light of day. Muse and Snow Patrol are boring, uninteresting, and painfully mediocre. People In Planes–starting with that lame ass name–don’t even rise that high. I don’t know what people are getting so riled up about. Personally insulting a reviewer over THIS?! Really? Are you serious? Really? Jeez…

    Please tell me the UK has better to offer right now, other than this crap. That the good stuff is just not making it here, but that it’s actually out there. Otherwise, if this is in fact–as someone posted–“the best thing to come out of the uk [in] years” we need to impose a musical auto-embargo and keep this nonsense out of here. Please, people: get real.

  14. i would be extremely surprised if the twat who wrote this review had actually gone through puberty. for years not many new DECENT bands have come out on the rock music scene, lets face it snow patrol and razorlight are fucking shit and thats the best they can come up with. People In Planes are litterally one of a handful of bands who have TALENT. yes thats right, TALENT. you guys dont even no the MEANIN of the bloody word. so whoever’s writting shit about this AWSOME band, its thanx to you this bloody country’s hooked on such shit as keane, the automatic and the fucking pussycatdolls. NICE ONE YOU DUMBASS(ES).PIP FUCKING ROCK ON,COS OBVIOUSLY NO ONE ELSE IS ABOUT TO!!!!!!

  15. I agree, but disagree. I love the sound, but the lyrics kinda do sound a little like they tried to get deep and ended up giving up the meaning of the song. Oh well, I still dig the album. I think they sound rather different than the usual mainstream shit put out there today.

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