Contest: How Long Will Pete Doherty Be Free?

Free at last!

One lucky winner will receive a a bunch of fabulous Glorious Noise prizes!

  • Glorious Noise t-shirt!
  • Riviera cd!
  • Quasar Wut-Wut cd!
  • Selection of several promo cds by other bands!

Pete Doherty was sentenced today to one year of community service. The last time he was let out of jail, he only lasted a few hours before he was picked up again. If you correctly guess the date of his next arrest, you have a chance to win some great stuff.

The contest is over. Pete was arrested on February 27 on suspicion of stealing a car and possession of Class A drugs. Winner will be announced shortly…

Now go back to Glorious Noise and patiently wait for the next cool contest.