Dirty Pretty Things: Play Frogger Online

I’m not really sure what the hell this is all about—some public service announcement type charity, or whatever—but you can play a Frogger-inspired game called Roadie Runner wherein you listen to Dirty Pretty Things songs and “collect the guitar from the other side of the road and bring it back.” There are apparently prizes to be won…

“It is unbelieveable that around the world a child is killed every 3 minutes on the road, yet almost nothing is being done to prevent this. This is why Direty Pretty Things are supporting the Make Roads Safe campaign”—Carl Barat.

Huh. Think about the children! Play Frogger and save lives! And whatever you do, don’t run over roadies!

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  1. What’s funny is we have a shot in the GLONO Vid Feature of Carl playing what I seem to remember as a table top Frogger game. It was taken at the Urban Outfitter in Wicker Park. Ha!

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